Task Process Development Model

Task /Process Title and Description

A single sentence no more than two lines long.  Include the three components: Job Title responsible, for what Task/Process, and To What Degree.

Now include an expanded version of the summary statement above.

(JobTitle) (not a person, a position) will (Task or Process Name) to What Measurable Level

The Receptionist will answer incoming calls before the phone rings a fourth time whenever possible and will route the call appropriately so a message may be left on voice mail if the requested staff member is not available. 

Any staff member who answers an incoming phone call will do one of the following, as appropriate:
Route the call to the requested staff member if that person is in the building and able to take the call
Explain to the caller how to leave a voice mail and transfer the call appropriately
Record a message by hand when appropriate, using a digital Internal Message Form, so the message intent is clear and the desired response is included.
Respectfully question the caller to determine which staff member would be best able to assist with a solution and either connect the caller to that person or record a message using a digital Internal Message Form.




Picture of digital form or paper form to be used.

Description of how the form is routed, which positions are copied, and so on.

To What Measurable Level?

Give examples of most common errors

Text and/or Image

These are the basics.  What else might you include to improve retention and performance?  Here are some suggestions

Illustration Still or Video

What triggers this task?

Brief Discussion of Task as normally encountered.

Title of Supervisor or Expert Person and Headshot