What We Do

Keap:  We work with small business owners who own an application but need to get it better organized.  Maybe users have been allowed to do things on their own too much and after a few years the app feels chaotic.  Maybe there is really no Tagging System.  Helping owners improve the organization of their app is a lot of what we do.

Membership Sites (Protected Content)

Keap owners often want to provide content to prospects, but not in the form of downloadable documents.

Sometimes small businesses want a protected content site so they can educate customers, help them troubleshoot, or upsell them to other products.

A protected content site can also help train new staff, standardize choices and behaviors of existing staff, and keep everyone current on products and services.


Automating boring, repetitive tasks frees staff to do the things humans do best.

Automation allows Infusionsoft to integrate with membership sites/protected content sites like Memberium or CustomerHub.  It allows Keap to manage the creation of new member passwords, tracks access to the content site, and manages subscriptions.

Automation standardizes and streamlines work processes creating the greater stability and consistency that allows a small business to grow.

Is this your business?

You are a Solo Entrepreneur in business for at least a couple of years.  Maybe your spouse works in the business, maybe not.

You have a team of 2 – 10 people who may have worked in a single location but are now working remotely.

You have been in business for a couple of years but feel you need to get better organized so you can really grow.

We can help all of you get better organized, more automated, READY To GROW!

Here is one of my most popular videos:

Prospect Is as Prospect Does