“Perfectly” is NOT a Useful Answer

When a staffer asks, ‘How should this be done?” “Perfectly” is not a useful answer. It is the answer that drives everybody crazy because it is not an answer at all.

The Ghost of Automations Past

Small Business owners who have so far not managed to automate work processes often find the idea of doing so scary. That’s understandable. It’s okay. What is not okay is staying scared because then nothing good happens. The key is to take a hard look at what is so scary. Some possibilities:

Don’t Just Create a Process, Automate It

You can’t beat automation software for reducing the expense generated by a work process.  A company will use fewer resources of every kind to support and maintain an automated process over time.  ROI calculations of automation software value often forget to count the cost of time not spent because, well, staff don’t spend it. Here […]

How Will My Staff Fill Their Time If I Automate?

It is like a black hole opens in front of the business owner who asks this question.  It always surprises me when otherwise strategic-thinking small business owners just blank out.  Not having an answer for this actually stops them from deciding to automate. The black hole opens up because all of their thoughts about automating […]