Keap: Organize to Grow
Coaching Packages

Using Your App to Communicate with Your Now Remote Team

Get Organized to Grow ($2499.00)

Get the Naming Conventions in your Keap application identified, edited, and organized so your business is positioned to grow. Make your app more user friendly – especially for remote team members. Make it easier to find the components users need. Make automating daily tasks easier and more effective.

Using Your App to Add Structure to Your Business

Position Your App to Support a More Successful Business ($2499.00)

Focus and Consistency create structure in a business. Create a Tagging System that will manage your sales function, allow increased traffic, improve reporting, allow productive staff growth, and keep your business stable as it grows. Standardize Products and Services to improve focus and stability.

Use Your App to add Structure, Stability, and Focus to Your Business

Add Structure and Improve Internal Communications to Grow Your Business ($4749.00)

Deluxe package analyzes the current condition of your application and provides a roadmap for using it to create a reliable base for growing your business. Topics include everything included in the Get Organized to Grow and Using Your App to Add Structure to Your Business packages.