Keap: Organize to Grow
Coaching Packages

Using Your App to Communicate with Your Now Remote Team

Get Organized to Grow ($2499.00)

Get the Naming Conventions in your Keap application identified, edited, and organized so your business is positioned to grow. Make your app more user friendly – especially for remote team members. Make it easier to find the components users need. Make automating daily tasks easier and more effective.


Using Your App to Add Structure to Your Business

Position Your App to Support a More Successful Business ($2499.00)

Focus and Consistency create structure in a business. Create a Tagging System that will manage your sales function, allow increased traffic, improve reporting, allow productive staff growth, and keep your business stable as it grows. Standardize Products and Services to improve focus and stability.


Use Your App to add Structure, Stability, and Focus to Your Business

Add Structure and Improve Internal Communications to Grow Your Business ($4749.00)

Deluxe package analyzes the current condition of your application and provides a roadmap for using it to create a reliable base for growing your business. Topics include everything included in the Get Organized to Grow and Using Your App to Add Structure to Your Business packages.

I help clients get their Keap app better organized. A well-organized app is easier and more pleasant to work with. It is especially important to improve the organization of your app when staff who used to be all in the same location are now working remotely.
You can choose one of the coaching programs below or simple call us (317-283-1613) to discuss your goals.


Keap: Work Process Automation
Coaching Packages


Organize Your Contact List (Automated List Management, Email Status Automation, Email Status Reporting)

If you do not regularly clean your contact list your bounce rates and engagement will suffer. (Pricing begins at $999.00)

A healthy, engaged contact list is essential to a growing business. Package includes identifying current contact email status and engagement; identification and resolution of negative statuses and engagement issues; resolving existing duplicates, reducing duplicates in future; setting up Automated List management, Email Status Automation, Email Status reporting.


Phone Call Standard Responses

Example: My order did not arrive; I need to have somebody come out and quote me; I need help deciding which product/service is best for me; What does Product XXX cost? Why so much? (Pricing begins at $499.00)

Every business gets phone calls. Every business needs to establish standard (and often automated) responses to common requests. We help you design the responses and develop the tools that deliver them in your app. These standard responses often include a combination of:

  • Internal forms
  • Task templates
  • Note templates
  • Email Templates
  • Campaigns that include all or some of the above.


Website Visitor Standard Engagement and Response: Download a Document

You can add links to your site that a visitor clicks to download a report or  PDF. (Pricing begins at $499.00)

It is important to follow-up that action to promote engagement and conversion. Especially when these clicks occur when the business is closed.  Automation elements commonly included are:

  • A web form for requesting a download
  • An automated campaign triggered by submission of the web form, starting with an email template that delivers the download link
  • A digital document designed to engage and convert (we do not offer copywriting but can recommend one or help you organize content you already have into something suitable)
  • Follow up emails that offer more information or a call, consultation, order form

Includes coaching on how to set up the call, consultation, order form


Mission Statement, Goals/Values, Good and Bad Prospect Profiles Development

Automating your Keap app fully requires the focus these guiding elements provide. (Pricing begins at $999.00)

Every small business whether a solo entrepreneurship or a staff or half a dozen need to establish these elements in writing so they can be shared and guide all other business development. A small business that does not have these basics in writing will have trouble focusing in the way real growth requires.  Coaching provided in  a series of online meetings whose goal is to produce the individual elements.

I have been an Keap Certified Partner for eight-plus years. I love Keap because it lets a small business owner manage most of the business in a single app. It is built to streamline the way the business works and to provide guidance for everyone working in the business on how work is to be done. The owner can track all sales activity on an ongoing basis. Sales staff can manage opportunities without even logging in to the app itself. It is totally mobile. Orders can be created and paid while sitting across from a client. Trade show support is a dream.

Small Business Automation will set up the app to meet your needs and teach you and your staff to use it. While we are available for ongoing strategy consultation and guidance we do not provide monthly maintenance services. We are happy to provide ongoing strategic support to a business owner who wants to use Infusionsoft to monitor and manage cash flow and business growth.

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