It is the end of June.  If you are not on vacation or trying to figure out how to keep your kids occupied during summer break, you may have time to notice that half of the year is gone.  How is your business doing?  How are you doing on generating and closing leads?  Are sales growing?  Are you keeping those resolutions about finding some way to reduce repetitive tasks?

Oh, I can hear the sighs of resignation from here.  We are fast approaching July 1 and half of the year will be gone.  Many of us made big resolutions last January when the weather was so very bad about working really hard in the warm months so we would be better off when winter came again.  If that is going to happen it is time to start generating more leads and doing a better job of closing more of those leads.  If the same tools you used last year to do that are not getting the job done maybe it is time to look at something new.  Working smarter is essential.  What about reducing repetitive tasks that burn up staff time?  One of my favorite parts of working with small business owners is showing them how simple it can be to automate things the staff does over and over again every single day.

July 1 is coming toward us like a high-speed train.  Need some new ideas? Try these:  Manage Your Leads. Grow Sales. Save Time. Get Organized.

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