Email Status Reports Rock!

Email Status Reports are so useful the running them regularly is an Infusionsoft Best Practice.  If you have never run one watch this video and then run your first one right away.  It will knock your socks off! What’s so cool?  This report will tell you things about your list that are hard to track […]

Accepting Payment by Check in Infusionsoft

Accepting Payment by Check in Infusionsoft

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.0.101″ background_layout=”light”] The standard advice from a certified partner like me is going to be “avoid accepting payment by check whenever possible.” It is an option in IS but it is a hassle because payment is done by hand by someone you cannot control. It involves waiting sometimes lengthy periods of time […]

Don’t Just Create a Process, Automate It

You can’t beat automation software for reducing the expense generated by a work process.  A company will use fewer resources of every kind to support and maintain an automated process over time.  ROI calculations of automation software value often forget to count the cost of time not spent because, well, staff don’t spend it. Here […]

How Will My Staff Fill Their Time If I Automate?

It is like a black hole opens in front of the business owner who asks this question.  It always surprises me when otherwise strategic-thinking small business owners just blank out.  Not having an answer for this actually stops them from deciding to automate. The black hole opens up because all of their thoughts about automating […]

Do Ice Storms Freeze Your Sales Team?

Ice Storm:  two words that can have a big impact on a small business sales team that isn’t automated.  Here in Indianapolis a decent ice storm can bring any and all businesses to a halt for at least a few hours, maybe a few days.  A small business sales team working with little or no […]

De-Clutter Your Sales Funnel

A sales funnel jammed with useless contacts is hard to analyze.  Reports need too much cleaning up.  Putting staff time and support resources into contacts that are poor prospects can choke the cash flow of a small business.  What to do:  put a good screening tool at the front of your sales funnel.  Make qualifying […]

Have You Really Got an Automation Strategy or Not?

I have been an Infusionsoft Certified Partner for several years now, and I have talked to a lot of small business owners about automating their sales and marketing.  It has gotten to the point where I can tell if the person I am talking to has a real automation strategy in a very short time.  […]

Its almost July 1 – What’s holding you back?

It is the end of June.  If you are not on vacation or trying to figure out how to keep your kids occupied during summer break, you may have time to notice that half of the year is gone.  How is your business doing?  How are you doing on generating and closing leads?  Are sales […]

Automated Marketing on a 3-Day Weekend

Small Business Owner, what will you be doing on this coming 3-day holiday weekend?  I’ve been thinking about how different this 3-Day weekend will be for a client of mine – all because he started using automated marketing to manage his membership organization. Memorial Day is a big holiday in Indianapolis where we both live.  […]

The Cure for Random Marketing

Random marketing feels good because at least you are doing something, but it is often something you did before.  When marketing has no plan or structure anything you feel like doing fits but it is hard to measure results.  Why do we do it? Because we get busy with daily tasks and don’t have time […]