Automation for Small Businesses of 2 – 10 (or so)

Do you need a more accurate way to forecast sales?
Do you need to get some structure into the business so it is easier to manage, but don’t want the drama?

Automation is the No Drama way to get structure into your business, so it is more manageable

      • Tracking opportunities and forecasting sales are built in
      • Staff immediately understand that the software does not want to replace them – it wants to support them and do the boring repetitive stuff for them.



Benefits of Automating Your Business

Using Automation software (a Contact Relationship Management Software like Keap) makes automating your business drama-free.  Benefits include:

  • Standardized work processes support the business mission and goals
  • Streamlined work processes reduce the unproductive and inefficient
  • The software manages the tedious and the repetitive, freeing staff to do the things only humans can do
  • Automating your sales pipeline makes accurate Sales Forecasting possible
  • A single database holds a record of all interactions with every contact no matter how many different staff members interacted with each
  • Faster on-boarding for new staff

And, of course, growth!

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