Small Business Owner, what will you be doing on this coming 3-day holiday weekend?  I’ve been thinking about how different this 3-Day weekend will be for a client of mine – all because he started using automated marketing to manage his membership organization.

Memorial Day is a big holiday in Indianapolis where we both live.  Today is Wednesday and the Indy 500 (a well-known car race) will be on Sunday.  The festivities have started in earnest so many a small business owner will be spending time attending or hosting race activities during the day all week.   Many of them will pay for this time away from the business by burning the midnight oil every night.  But not Hank.

He won’t have to stay up after a long day preparing a weekly email broadcast about the upcoming monthly meeting.  Those are automated now so they go out every Monday without Hank doing anything else.  He can tell who has registered for the meeting by looking at a constantly updated report anytime he cares to turn on his computer.  Registration, fee payment, invoice sending, and thank-yous are all automated so Hank is never left with a pile of paperwork to process.

He can go enjoy the race activities knowing that if people who want to become members can’t reach him personally, they can go to the organization website, click the “Become a Member” button, pay the annual dues, and get a welcome email from him at any hour of the day or night.  That is the pleasure of marketing automation.  You provide people ways to do business with you whenever they want to and they actually use them.  And you don’t miss a minute of the race.  And you don’t spend all of Memorial Day catching up.  Sweet.

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