The standard advice from a certified partner like me is going to be “avoid accepting payment by check whenever possible.”

It is an option in IS but it is a hassle because payment is done by hand by someone you cannot control. It involves waiting sometimes lengthy periods of time to complete the transaction in the application.

If you deal with companies that do not have company credit cards or individuals who do not make any kind of purchase online accepting payment by check is a must. A strategy becomes essential.  See the entire post including video at

Your Strategy Must Include:

Reliable ways to make available the correct information on how to make out the check and where to send it.

  • Choose the “Check” Payment Option in E-Commerce Setup. Your staff members will always to able to find the correct information.
  • Include the correct information on the product order form.
  • When an order form is attached to a cover letter, include the information in that cover letter.

An automated process for the purchase and fulfillment process that accommodates payment by check.

Make the check information available

Choose “Check” in the Payment Options in E-Commerce Setup.