Our powerful sales & marketing software integrates with thousands of apps to get you more organized, deliver personalized service and close more sales.

We are a certified reseller of Keap and can get you a great deal! We can also advise you on managing your app, provide marketing strategy, and training.


Building Powerful, Automated Membership Sites with WordPress & Keap Has Never Been This Simple

Memberium is a Plugin for Connecting Keap and WordPress that’s trusted by top Keap users. It comes with excellent documentation and templates for easy implementation. 

Work Process Automation

You Need: to control waste and errors that are holding back business growth

Automate work processes so staff are working consistently toward company goals, using automation to reduce data errors. Staff have immediate universal access to accurate information on how your business does everything.

Office Automation

You Need: to work less than 80 hours a week, see your family occasionally, have a life.

Automated office systems free staff to do what they do best, eliminate bottlenecks (even if the bottleneck is you), provide current customized reports, assurance that nothing falls between the cracks, and more…


  • strategy implementation
  • measurable goals
  • human-friendly processes
  • organizational politics
  • automation as the key to managing a happy personal life and a successful business

Meet Barb Jones

We work with small business owners who want to develop and manage their Keap application in-house.  Our team does WordPress websites, Memberium membership sites, and LearnDash online courses that integrate with Keap.

We don’t know everything about Keap, Memberium, LearnDash, or WordPress but we do know where to find it.

Experience Snapshot

  • 20-plus years as a business owner
  • Keap Certified Partner for more than 10 years
  • Many years of experience developing and managing technical training for adults
  • Extensive experience with internal work processes of all types of businesses

Barb has a Masters Degree in Instructional Design and worked as an Instructional Designer for many years.  She is really coming back full circle combining Keap and Memberium.  She talks a lot about how to use them together to grow a small business with automation and to train new and existing staff in standardized work processes.

Memberium makes a super staff training site (in addition to many other uses).  One of the bigger secrets of using automation to standardize work processes is that staff resistance to change is greatly reduced when software drives the change rather than a person driving it.

Our target audience is small businesses of around 5-15 employees that are starting to feel the pressure to reduce expenses and get out of their own way so they can grow.  It is also the business owner who cannot figure out why staff don’t do what he/she told them to do.  If they cannot break through that barrier to a higher level of performance, the business will never grow.