I have been an Infusionsoft Certified Partner for eight-plus years. I love Infusionsoft because it lets a small business owner manage most of the business in a single app. It is built to streamline the way the business works and to provide guidance for everyone working in the business on how work is to be done. The owner can track all sales activity on an ongoing basis. Sales staff can manage opportunities without even logging in to the app itself. It is totally mobile. Orders can be created and paid while sitting across from a client. Trade show support is a dream.

Small Business Automation will set up the app to meet your needs and teach you and your staff to use it. While we are available for ongoing strategy consultation and guidance we do not provide monthly maintenance services. We are happy to provide ongoing strategic support to a business owner who wants to use Infusionsoft to monitor and manage cash flow and business growth.

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The Ghost of Automations Past

Small Business owners who have so far not managed to automate work processes often find the idea of doing so scary. That’s understandable. It’s okay. What is not okay is staying scared because then nothing good happens. The key is to take a hard look at what is so scary. Some possibilities:

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Email Status Reports Rock!

Email Status Reports are so useful the running them regularly is an Infusionsoft Best Practice.  If you have never run one watch this video and then run your first one right away.  It will knock your socks off! What's so cool?  This report will tell you things about...

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